About Us

Coinomo is founded and seeded by 17Live founder Joseph Phua in April 2021. It is co-founded by Dapp Pocket Inc. founder Anderson Chen and industry veteran Evie Zhang.


Coinomo works with the license holders in each country and aims to be Southeast Asia and Taiwan’s largest and most widely used crypto gateway. Coinomo's beta mobile application is launched on 14th June 2021. It allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency pairs and participate in yield products of various return profiles. Coinomo differentiates itself from competitors through its intuitive user interface, guiding and onboarding users with little hassle. Users do not need to spend days learning or getting comfortable with the product and crypto space. Through its intuitive interface and retail design, even customers with no prior knowledge can start getting into the space from Day 1. Coinomo wants to build a crypto ecosystem that is social, vibrant and fun.


Coinomo announced a round of investment on 14th June 2021, led by Vertex Ventures SEAI, and participated by zVentures, the corporate venture arm of Razer™, Spartan Group and Leo Cheng.